freshman-thinkingThis year, I will be entering my 2nd year of college at a large school in New York State!

This is the place where I can let my creativity run wild and my thoughts roam free. This is my stress-free zone!

I am going to be blogging a lot about college life / dorm life / and my life in general. I also reblog photos that I find inspiring, funny, or that I just like. I think it's important to note, I am a runner. Living a healthy lifestyle is HUGE. I love posting all things positive, fitness and nutrition related!

If you have any questions for me - don't be shy! Just ask! Honestly, the best part of tumblr are the people! I love talking to each and every one of you!

So here it is everyone:
College - Year 1
College - Year 2

"What we all want in life, to travel, to fall in love, and be happy" - Unknown.

"Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine"

Happy scrolling :)



    the awkward moment when a picture on your dash is of a girl you used to know in high school.

    and the moment afterwards, when you see over 1,000 notes of girls saying they wish they looked like her. They wish they had her body, her hair, her bikini, her tan, her life, only THEN would they be happy. When in reality she is not the nicest person and her life is actually pretty sad. 

    Please think before you let jealousy wash over you. Focus on yourself and become all of the things you would want to see in yourself, or that you would want to see in a friend, or a sister, or a mother. No one expects you to look perfect, it is only YOU that holds these crazy standards for yourself! 

    I know that the media plays a role in how we perceive beauty. However, with that said, are you seriously going to let the media have power over how you feel about yourself? Or how you see other women? I certainly don’t. Not once have I met someone and said “Eh she’s ok… but she is NO victoria’s secret model.” or “I would like this person so much more if they had perfect features and the ideal body but she has flaws.” We don’t think these things when we look at other people, so why would we think this when we look at ourselves?

    Guys do NOT expect you to look perfect either. Not once have I heard a guy say, “Well she doesn’t fit my standards. She doesn’t have the right body shape and her hips don’t curve out the way they should, she doesn’t have a thigh gap or butt lines and she has 1 zit on her face. So no she is not attractive.” 

    It is only you that needs to change this perception of beauty. Once you work on that, you are golden.

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