freshman-thinkingThis year, I will be entering my 2nd year of college at a large school in New York State!

This is the place where I can let my creativity run wild and my thoughts roam free. This is my stress-free zone!

I am going to be blogging a lot about college life / dorm life / and my life in general. I also reblog photos that I find inspiring, funny, or that I just like. I think it's important to note, I am a runner. Living a healthy lifestyle is HUGE. I love posting all things positive, fitness and nutrition related!

If you have any questions for me - don't be shy! Just ask! Honestly, the best part of tumblr are the people! I love talking to each and every one of you!

So here it is everyone:
College - Year 1
College - Year 2

"What we all want in life, to travel, to fall in love, and be happy" - Unknown.

"Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine"

Happy scrolling :)



    Getting caught in the rain near the end of a hard run!

"I don’t hate it"

    Getting caught in the rain near the end of a hard run!

    "I don’t hate it"

    Beating your own personal record feels far more significant than ever beating someone else’s
    - just what I think

    Going for a run!

    I’m so excited because my road is closed due to construction! Do you know what this means for me!?

    1. No creepers will be asking me if I need a ride, whistling at me, beeping their car horns at me, slowing down to check me out, or doing any other thing that disrupts my pace and concentration. (I run in a baggy t-shirt, running shorts, and zero makeup. Why dirty old men still want to harass men? I don’t know!)

    2. There will be no people in general to distract me. I hate when people from my high school are so nosy that they take the time to slow down and stare to see who I am. I had the worst time in high school and it makes me feel so self conscious about my running style/how I look/etc. and I really should not have to worry about that.

    3. If you drive by and you see someone running that you know - DO NOT beep your car horn to acknowledge them! I get in my own little world and when someone beeps at me it scares the shit out of me every. single. time.

    If you’re that desperate, slow down and wave. But the chances are they won’t be able to see who it is anyway. 9/10 times I smile and have zero idea who it was that I waved to… and 9/10 times I wouldn’t care even if I did. It’s not that I’m mean it just that when I run I don’t want to think about other people. That is my time to focus on myself and my work out.

    4. No ass holes are going to drive by going 65+ mph

    5. No ass holes will be driving by that don’t have the curtesy to either slow down or move over for runners/bikers. I live on a country back road and people just love to drive as fast as they can.

    6. No stupid guys will attempt to run me off of the road. This has happened to me twice this summer and I still can’t get over it. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? 

    7. Quiet. That is going to feel so nice.

    8. I won’t have to stop and wait for traffic when I turn around and run back.

    Ahhhhh so exciting! I wish my road was closed this whole summer hahahahh

    Because it makes me feel ALIVE

    Because it makes me feel ALIVE

    Just do it!!!

    Running feels amazing! I raced the kids (me running, the kiddies on their bikes) which was different and sort of fun hahahhah!

    They kicked my booty with speed but I won with endurance :P

    Good morning! Who’s up for a morning run? :D

    Me me me!

    Promising to treat myself to a vanilla cappuccino afterwards!

    I need extra motivation on this chilly monday morning.

    …or just a legitimate excuse to buy quality coffee hehe ^.^

    ALSO! To all of my followers that are starting classes today - good luck!!! Hope you all have an awesome first day! To my freshman out there, be sure to save/bring your syllabi - it is your secondhand bible and be sure to check your email before every class! Sending you all positive happy thoughts! <3

    At what point did I agree to this?

    • my brain at a decent hour: wow I have no energy there is no way I can go for a run
    • my brain at midnight: WOW I AM SO FULL OF ENERGY! LET'S GO RUNNING!!!
    • me: oh... that is so not cool.
    • I'm going to settle for an ab/arm workout and go running early tomorrow morning

    Tumblr!!! I need your input!!!

    Women under 30: is the Fannie pack back in style? Would you wear one?

    Brandon and I have been arguing over this all day…

    Benefits could include…
    1. Easy access to snacks, phones, ear phones, keys, wallets (items that are too big & bulky for pockets & used often throughout the day.)
    2. Fitblrs: it could prevent muscular imbalances and posture deficiencies caused by purses, cross bodys, and backpacks
    3. Runners: great for small items like an iPod & won’t get in the way when you’re running (where as holding it or using a string backpack does)
    4. Convenient to use at crowded places such as amusement parks, concerts, sporting events where it can be risky to have loose attachments or set personal belongings down

    1. It’s a fanny pack

    What do you guys think??

    Pre-run breakfast noms! Apple &amp; cinnamon oatmeal with a little Kashi go lean cereal mixed in and fresh blueberries!

    Pre-run breakfast noms! Apple & cinnamon oatmeal with a little Kashi go lean cereal mixed in and fresh blueberries!

    It’s running time! Yaayayayaya!


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