freshman-thinkingThis year, I will be entering my 2nd year of college at a large school in New York State!

This is the place where I can let my creativity run wild and my thoughts roam free. This is my stress-free zone!

I am going to be blogging a lot about college life / dorm life / and my life in general. I also reblog photos that I find inspiring, funny, or that I just like. I think it's important to note, I am a runner. Living a healthy lifestyle is HUGE. I love posting all things positive, fitness and nutrition related!

If you have any questions for me - don't be shy! Just ask! Honestly, the best part of tumblr are the people! I love talking to each and every one of you!

So here it is everyone:
College - Year 1
College - Year 2

"What we all want in life, to travel, to fall in love, and be happy" - Unknown.

"Somedays you just have to create your own sunshine"

Happy scrolling :)




    yeah i’m really gonna miss the olympics

    (via fit-in--2014)

    "On July 3, Seventeen magazine’s editor in chief, Ann Shoket, announced that the publication had written up a Body Peace Treaty, signed by the whole staff, which pledged to “never change girls’ body or face shapes” and use images of “real girls and models who are healthy.”

    "The American Medical Association and the National Eating Disorders Association, among other organizations, say that unrealistic images propagated by the media can trigger body image and self-esteem issues and contribute to eating disorders. Over the last year, the fashion industry has been under pressure to limit airbrushing and avoid using too-skinny models. In February, Glamour promised not put its models or featured celebs on a “digital diet” and the following month, Vogue said they would ban underweight models.”

    "In response to her win, Bluhm wrote on her petition page, "Seventeen listened! They’re saying they won’t use photoshop to digitally alter their models! This is a huge victory, and I’m so unbelievably happy." Now, she is supporting a new effort by two other young activists, Carina Cruz and Emma Stydahar, to end photo retouching at another girls magazine. Look out, Teen Vogue.”

    - Shine from Yahoo!

    ^ This is incredible news! It also gives me hope for when I have children someday :)


lucy and mario


    lucy and mario

    (via sweatyfitness)

    I am sorry but I am so sick of seeing the same 4 pics of Miley Cyrus on my dash

    I get that she is fit now - go miley.

    But if I see one more picture of her walking her dog with spandex and a tank top - I am going to scream.

    Could you guys at least find a new picture? 

    (mind you that this is the same person who said just a few months ago that she doesn’t want “to be shaped like a girl” and “I LOVE being shaped like a WOMAN & trust me ladies your man won’t mind either ;)” making skinny girls feel like crap… but whatever I’l let that one go)

    *preparing for unfollows*

    I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

    To tell yourself, “I am good enough”

    The guy I’m talking to right now seems perfect.

    Like so perfect that I have yet to find a single flaw in the kid! Or something that makes him “average” or “normal” 

    I almost stopped talking to him because of that. I felt intimidated.

    The thought of “Why would he want to talk to me?” entered my mind.

    As soon as the thought entered - I realized how silly I was being!

    Why the hell would I not be good enough?

    I may not be malibu barbie, a brain surgeon, and Angelina Jolie combined into one… but that does NOT mean I am not deserving or not good enough!

    I am a really nice person. I have a good heart. I can be funny sometimes. I have cute little quirks that are unique to me! I have good morals. I have goals for myself. I can run a mile in 8 minutes, I can make the dean’s list, I can make some sick art! I am not the smartest but I AM hardworking, I am me, and I am awesome!  

    "I am enough" <- I need to believe this more!  

    We all need to start believing that more!

    I’ve seen other bloggers do this, so I’m going to follow their lead! 

    Tell me what you love about yourself! Either in a response or a message! I would love to hear!

    I am so sick of fitness blogs telling girls what to do in the gym.

    STOP telling girls what they should and should not be doing - your job as a fitness blog should be to encourage girls not boss them around!

    I just think that it’s completely ignorant and rude to be telling girls that they HAVE to lift heavy, and to label girls who run and bike everyday "cardio queens" Or making fun of girls who stick use 5lb free weights.

    Who are you to judge how other people exercise?

    That’s awesome that you can lift heavy weights and you should be proud of yourself but that does NOT give you the right to put down girls who do not lift heavy or are not to that point yet!

    I want all girls to know that…

    Working out is a VERY personal subject.

    It is important to experiment and find what works for you / what you enjoy.

    You should always do what feels right FOR YOU.

    And as for these “fitness blogs” we follow… do not forget to be skeptical and to do your own research! As helpful as some of these girls can be, a lot of them (not all of them) are not personal trainers, or nutritionists. They get their facts from what has worked for them, Google, and fitness magazines. Please, please, please, look everything up, read studies, talk to someone who is knowledgable, read books.


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